News Facts about MP performance of services and events taking place.

MP's strategy move into advertisement and promotion, Artificial intelligence etc. for latest technology know how and implementation.


August 1st, 2017 , Posted by Ramankrish

Media Productions is an equal opportunity firm delivering high throughput in its services and products in various ventures including Advertisement, Information Technology, Multimedia, Education, Agriculture, Real Estate and Marketing businesses. It launches it services with a new look in website and vast information.

All see and watch for media productions

August 1st, 2017 , Posted by R. kumar

MP's entry into market has been a way quite challenging but with long experience we were able to work with dedication and hard work. We stand today with media conglomerates to showcase our services in delivering industry experience.

MP is foraying into new Services

Auguest 1st, 2017 , Posted by Suresh S.

MP is foraying into new services including Artificial intelligence, Mobile Applications, IOT and Digital promotion and Marketing apart from Media Productions and Multimedia.